Review: Qualysoft Jubilee Vernissage

„Identity“ combines young and established artists

On October 18, 2016, the Vienna office of Qualysoft once again became the hub of art and technology. The company has already demonstrated for the tenth time how art and modern technologies are working together. Seven emerging and well-known artists from Austria, Hungary and Slovakia provide a part of their works for the temporary exhibition.

This year's Qualysoft Jubilee-Vernissage, which was created in collaboration with the Collegium Hungaricum and the Slovakian Cultural Institute, presents works by Xénia Bergerová, László Fehér, Eva-Maria Hasun, Roswitha Klein, Gyula Konkoly, László Lakner and Ivan Pavle. Qualysoft CEO Peter Oros is proud to present not only paintings by young artists, but also loans from internationally renowned painters. "It is a great honor to be able to show pictures of Ivan Pavle, László Lakner and László Fehér. Their work has already been exhibited in countless galleries around the world. In Austria, László Fehér has been known to a wider audience at the latest since 2012, when his work "Society" covered the Vienna Ringturm. "

Identity in the age of digitization

The basic idea of the jubilee vernissage was the examination of the individual identity, which has always been in the tension of society. "However, we are still confronted with a second identity - our identity in the net - through digitization. For us as a technology company, this aspect was also an occasion for us to take up the topic, "said Peter Oros, opening the vernissage. A large part of the loan remains in the headquarter of the IT company for several weeks or months. Until mid-November, the temporary exhibition can still be viewed in its entirety. Registration and information at

Credits: Christian Steinbrenner / Qualysoft GmbH

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