Qualysoft on the „Street of Winners“

17th June 2015: Together with the Austrian IT service provider wedoIT-solutions and Infinica, Qualysoft received the Constatinus Award.

The project "e-Taxation Albania", which could be realized in cooperation with Qualysoft, its subsidiary Infinica and wedoIT-Solutions, was nominated both in the category "Information Technology" as well as for the special prize "International Projects" for the Constantinus Award 2015. Within the agreement a holistic solution for the national tax management including a web portal for taxpayers in Albania has been created.

At the award ceremony on the 25th of June, the project won an award in the category "Information Technology".

Prize for corporate consulting and IT

With the renowned Constantinus Award, the Austrian Professional Association of Management Consultancy and Information Technology (UBIT), one of the largest trade associations of Austria Economic Chambers, recognizes the best projects of the industry. This year the 70-member jury of experts from industry, academia and the media nominated the 45 most innovative of a total of 116 submissions for the coveted prize.

More information on the award (in German): http://www.constantinus.net

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